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A year of new.

“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.”

T.S. Eliot

I did it.  It’s been a year of new.  And this last month of new has definitely whimpered.  So I’m going to share the new I started on July 1, blitz the rest, then continue this blog whenever the hell I feel like it.  You know, just like I’ve been doing.  Thanks for reading and see you in the new.  (Ha!) So, back to July 1:

“The cool thing about traveling to a new place is that pretty much everything one experiences there is new.  San Diego was no Thailand, but it was beautiful and definitely new.   The major drawback I had with San Diego was nothing to do with the city but more to do with the fact I was deathly ill and trying to pretend not to be.  That made for a fun-filled plane ride, mon dieu!  Ever been on a plane with a wicked head cold?  I’m happy to say this was my first time and hopefully my last because it was pretty much all around lame.  Lame I say!

Ok, enough whining.  On to the new!

New!  Restaurants!  Night one in San Diego was fun!  Deb and I went to a place called Sevilla, a charming little tapas place with great decor (see photo) and delicious food (sorry, no photo available at this time).

The next night, I met up with my sister’s sister-in-law,  Dee, and we had AMAZING Thai food at a place called Rama, including something called Roti bread, which I never had before and very much enjoyed.”  -Me, speaking to you from two weeks ago.

Fast forward to today, almost a month to the day after the Conference and I can’t remember half of what I did.  Something about a trade show?  Flooring?  Who knows.  It was a crazy time  in the distant past.  So let’s just sum it up and say the #NAAEduConf was all about new:  connections, people, experiences.  I met a ton of people, had a great time and was excited to come home when it was done.

 Let’s see if I can remember all the new since then.

New:  Running with Sonia!  We did the 5K loop from the Hawthorne Bridge to the Steel Bridge and it was awesome.

River new:  Same river with new peeps.  (Love the Rounsville clan!) Check it out: The weirdest photo of me ever!  Hooray!  Cherice said “Look vampy.”  This is the tragic result:

I need to do more running.  Sonia?

Which leads me to the next new!  Another 5k, this time in Gabriel Park (a park I’d never visited before, so, yup, that’s right-new).   This was the saddest 5k ever, due to Clayton’s amazingly bad cold.  (Yes.  Cold.  Ahem.)

New:  Restaurant.  The Sweet Hereafter is vegan amazing.

New!  Volunteering!  I’m a Marketing Mentor now!  Hooray!

New! Company picnic at Oaks Park!  Fun!

New!  Meetup- PDX Food Startups had tons of delicious samples and interesting stories.

New! Golf Tournament! I’d never been to Langdon Farms before.  It was beautiful.  CB sponsored a hole.  Hole #1, baby.

New!  Movie.  World War Z was god-freaking-awful.  Pandering to the typical Hollywood hero archetype in the laziest way possible.  John Dies at the End was great, though.

New word!  Mumpsimus!  It’s a noun (good job, word!  Way to be descriptive!)  meaning:

1. A view stubbornly held in spite of clear evidence that it’s wrong.
2. A person who holds such a view.
So clearly not me.

And that, peeps, is why this year ended with a whimper.  I can’t even remember what new I’ve done, though, dutifully, I’ve at least learned a new word, or tried a new food, or gone somewhere new, every day over the past year.

Still, though, I’m glad I undertook this project.  Blogging is a fun way to catalog memories (while boring the crap out of your friends!).  Plus, I now have the mindset of new.  Given the choice between new or not, I’ll always choose the new.  Variety being the spice of life and all, I firmly believe this the mindset of joy.

So thanks for experimenting with me.  See you next blog post, where, undoubtedly, I’ll have more newness to share.

Until then, embrace the joy of living.  XO.

You make me happy.  :)

So much new and none of it involves wine!!! Did the earth just shudder?

Where to begin?  First of all, let me just say I am damn excited.  Damn excited, I tell ya.  “Pero por que, Rosalinda?” those of you with inquisitive, bi-lingual minds may be wondering.

Dude!  I’ve totally been doing this blog for almost a year!!  Celebrate, right?

So that’s why I’m excited.  Now that you’re totally let down, let’s move on to the oh-so-exciting life of a thirty-something recent college grad.  Whoo boy.


Pretty much. Seriously, though, this dude is awesome and totally deserving of respect.

Last Wednesday was steamy.  No,  I’m not going to share some wildly inappropriate story with you all (that time the shuddering was a collective sigh of relief).

No, I finally decided to bravely try the steam room at the gym (please, hold your applause).  It was hot.  And steamy. And frankly, pretty gd awesome.  It smelled like eucalyptus and made me feel fancy.  Highly recommended.

Thursdays new is NOT recommended.  I repeat, don’t go see this. 

Visually, this was a stunning film and it did start off with not a little promise.  However, the plot quickly disintegrated and this thing just started to drag, man.  Just drag.  Plus it’s a major pet peeve of mine when a woman is scorned and as a direct result of said scorning becomes bitter and universally reviled.  That’s some patriarchal paradigm crap right there.

Friday’s new was surprisingly great.  We went to see the “Portland’s Funniest Person” contest (or one of the rounds of said contest, anyway) and rather than leave super depressed as we have in the past, we really enjoyed ourselves!  The service was great, the crowd was cool and the comedians themselves were HILARIOUS.  Check out Eric Alexander Moore.  We loved him.

Saturday I tried a new kind of cider.  This was a result of a whirlwind Saturday night involving a trip to Target to go pajama shopping (FYI pajamas at Target? CRAP!).  Jealous yet?  Anyway, Michelob has apparently gotten in on the cider game and makes a “lite” version, which only has 110 calories and kinda tastes like an apple Jolly Rancher.  In a word, meh.

Sunday was a new run!  Seriously, it was awesome. Loving those $5 5Ks! Set a PR, even.  Not to brag (but kinda bragging).

Monday I have no clue.  This is becoming a pattern.  Here, here’s a pic of some kittens.

Tuesday I got my teeth whitened.  It was kinda weird.  The mouth stretcher made me feel like Chatterbox.

Gross. And yet his teeth still look whiter. What the hell, man?

Wednesday was double new.  Our super great CEO Mike took me and a co-worker plus her husband out to see the Timbers in an open game.  2-0!  I’d seen the Timbers play before, but not since they became MLS.  The Army was lively as ever.  We had dinner before that at a place called Gilda’s.  I’d never been there, so, new! Pasta and Kate Crawford Sauv. Blanc? Oh hell yes!  Thank you Mike!!

Thursday was new-and miserable!-for my poor little Angus.  He had multiple small surgeries, including (but not limited to!) two fatty tumors removed, a skin tag removed, a eye cyst removed, as well as various other things.  It was traumatic for us both.  And expensive as hell.  Sigh.  Oh Angus.  So brave.

Photo: Angus post op.  He's feeling light and floaty. So is my wallet. #lovethatdog

SO brave. And tired.


Friday I got my nails done in company colors.  Any of you who are friends with me on Facebook know all of this already, but I’m sure the second time around is even more interesting, right?  I mean, what could be better than hearing about a work-themed manicure…twice?  Goddamn.


Photo: Our marketing department is prepping for the #NAAEduConf with CB colored mani/pedis!  #wecantwait!

Yup, those are nails with color on them. Sure glad I got to see that.

Saturday was a ton o’ new!  Hurray!  Clayton had taken the day off because my wonderful mother-in-law and her fabulous man Gary were supposed to be here, but due to a family illness they had to cancel their trip.  You’re in our thoughts, Hollis and Gary.  XO!

Clayton and I made the most of our day, though, and went to a NEW exhibit at OMSI called Mummies of the World, and man, is it ever good.   Dude.  This exhibit was intriguing, humbling and respectfully done.  The oldest mummy there was 8,500 years old.  There was still hair attached.  Incredible.  I highly recommend it.

After the mummies, we finally tried the White Owl Social Club.  It’s owned by the same folks that run Sizzle Pie, so we had high hopes despite mixed reviews on Yelp.  The WOSC is in the same space occupied by Plan B, and, while the space is the same, the overall feeling is a little classier, plus reviews complaining of bad service proved to be untrue, at least for the people who helped us.  I had a Party Boi, the rum drink special of the day (fruity and delicious!) and we shared a vegan fried mac n’ cheese sandwich.  It was decadently rich and I don’t even want to imagine how many points/calories it had.

Sunday I walked in the PSU graduation ceremony.  This is how that felt:

Yup.  Ebullition and pride abounded.  Thank you to everyone, especially my family and Clayton, who made this moment possible.  It was an amazing day and I am so grateful to you all.  Thank you.

We also went to Rocky Butte State Park, which is right off of 82nd and I had no clue it was there.  Panoramic views and interesting history made it worth the trip (we had some trouble finding it).  Oh, and we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Portland, Blossoming Lotus, and tried all kinds of awesome newness, including cheesecake and port wine!  Yes!

Yesterday I flew to San Diego!  Which is where I’m typing this from.  We’re at the #NAAEduConf, the National Apartment Association Education Conference and Exposition (whew!) so everything I do will be new.

Photo: #NAAEduConf is here!

Here’s to a great conference.  Big love to you all.  Til’ next time~

New cocktail recipe!

Monday was two days ago.  I know I did or ate or drank or tried or met someone or something new.  I do every day now.  That’s my thing (see blog name).  However, what it was, who fricking knows.  Seriously, I have no idea.  So I’ll share my yesterday’s new.

Low-fat Raspberry Pina-colada recipe.

1/2 bag frozen raspberries.

1 can crushed pineapple.

1 can light coconut milk.

Rum to taste.





Getting out there. #lovelife #livelife #toomuchtimeontwitter #sigh

What’s more exciting than actually going to happy hour?  Reading about it on someone’s clb.  (Crappy little blog.  C’mon, let’s make it a thing!)

Google “Crappy Little Blog” and a picture of Cillian Murphy. Works for me. #mmmmm

In that spirit (pun totally intended!) last week I had a Winesday (another new thing?) with a couple of my co-workers.  It was FUN!  Ladies, repeat anytime.

Thursday.  Since I worked a sixteen hour day Thursday, the opportunity for newness was rather absent.  I did meet a ton of new people, so that’s going to have to count.

Friday was amazing.  “Why, Roz?” (I imagine all 12 of you breathlessly wondering.)  Friday I made a new purchase.  Something that 1,484,232,448 people already have.  Better make that 1,484,232,448 and ONE, people, because I have arrived.  Yup.  I got a muthaf’n iPhone.  And it’s everything I ever dreamed it could be.  Society, I’ll never doubt you again.  What’s that?  Factory farming still exists?  And child trafficking?  And environmental devastation?   And Rush Limbaugh?  Nevermind.

Saturday was health and happiness galore.  Clayton and I ran the Starlight Run together.  It was AWESOME!  I had my best time yet, I was able to run most of the way and still work out Saturday and Sunday and I’m not even sore today!  7,000 people turned out. (I’m guessing just for us.)  AND we reused our Hunter S. Thompson Halloween costumes.    I’m super excited to run it again next year.

Kimi called us Hunter and Huntress.  Nice one, Kimi!

Kimi called us Hunter and Huntress. Nice one, Kimi!

Sunday I went to Mandy’s graduation!!  From Lewis and Clark!!!  She has her M.A.T. now!!!!  I’M SO PROUD OF HER!!!! The commencement speaker,  Dr. Pedro Noguera was absolutely phenomenal.  He referenced the poet Rumi (fyi that link is as much for my sake as it is yours), Paolo Freire (that one’s just for you) and a Hopi poem advising “Speak your truth.”   I was moved to tears more than once during his speech, but when Mandy walked across that stage, man, I was practically bawling.  YAY Mandy!!!

When asked how she felt at this moment, Mandy replied, “I feel like a Master.” As well you should, honey.

Other new things this weekend included:  A new song!  New painting!  New clothes!  New chips (wait, that was today).  And a new Game of Thrones….which, WHAT the GODDAMN!  If you didn’t see it yet, prepare for some serious heartache.  George R.R. Martin may be some sort of sadist.

I’ll check back in with y’all soon.  XO etc!

New food and seeing dead people. Sort of. Oh, and the new season of A.D. reviewed by me.

So last Thursday was, guess freaking what, new food at Pambiche.  I think I am now officially out of new foods (vegan, anyway) to try at Pambiche.  We got this:  Plátanos Rellenos – Yellow plantain stuffed with soy picadillo.  Basically, it’s these little balls of awesome stuffed with soy “meat.”  I wish I was eating some right now.

So freaking good.

Friday I tried some new wine.  Honestly, why do I even bother reporting about that anymore?

Saturday I went to a working breakfast at one of my favorite spots, the Vida Cafe, only to discover that there was a new Vida Cafe that had opened one block away and that did NOT serve breakfast.  Hungry and now late to my meeting, I headed off to my new thing at a new place.  Seriously, what the hell?  They couldn’t have chosen a different name?!?

Sunday, it was, finally the long-awaited NEW season of Arrested Development.

Ready to relapse, indeed.  My initial reaction?  Nothing is ever as good as the first time.  During our AD viewing party (thanks for hosting, Mandy!) we all watched, slightly confused.  Why had Michael become so pathetic?  Why did Lindsay look so different?  When was the whole family going to get together?

Several watches later and the latest incarnation has grown on me.  Some.  I respect the ambition of the at times convoluted plot.  It’s almost reminiscent of a particularly difficult puzzle:  At first glance, frustrating, but that moment of clarity?  Joyous.

The fact the family spends very little time together sullies the show a bit.  I read that this was due to scheduling conflicts, that in fact, those same conflicts forced Mitchell Hurwitz to film several scenes in front of a green screen.   Can you imagine being that busy that you couldn’t take time away from whatever it is you were doing to devote 100% energy to AD?

Overall, I’m glad there was more.  And I want more still.  Resolution, dammit.  What about that long-awaited movie, hmm?

Monday we FINALLY tried the A.N.D. cafe.  We arrived at just the right time, only waiting a few moments for a table and enjoying tea and coffee soon after being seated.  A.N.D. boasts unusual (read:awesome) savory waffles.  Clayton got the FEAST WAFFLE stuffed with sausage, potato & mozzarella topped w/ mushroom dill gravy & herb tofu or one egg and I got the FIESTA WAFFLE stuffed with pepitas taco grounds, cheese, topped with red pepper & kale tofu, spicy cashew cream.  Yes, it is possible I copied and pasted those descriptions directly from the A.N.D. website.  My advice?  Don’t wait as long as we did to go there.

Fiesta in your mouth.

After breakfast, we went to Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial, which, once a year, throws open their doors to admit the huddled  masses.  It was pretty cool- a beautiful building in a gorgeous location.  And lots of crypts.

Yesterday I was sick, so instead of going to Bolt Thrower I sold my ticket to Bolt Thrower.  Yep, my new thing yesterday kinda sucked.

Better luck over the next couple of days, right?  See you soon?

Two days of new days are whoo! days.

That title may be just the teensiest misleading.  Monday my new thing was making a new garlic green bean recipe.  It was delicious, but I burned my chin while sampling said beans.


Just like this, only not gross.

Yesterday I got a new kind of acupuncture.  It’s called Five Elements Acupuncture, and it’s pretty great,  and I was under the needles (so to speak) at 6:30 AM.  If anyone is interested in getting peacefully poked, hit me up and I’ll connect you with my guy David (who is a total sweetie).


Nice to know my colon’s metal.

Today I’m going to an SEO Meetup.  It should be informative and it’s at a bar, so, bonus!  By tomorrow this blog will be crashing the web it’ll be getting so many hits.  Good thing you’re reading now…while you still can.


See you soon!